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            Foshan ENOU Combustion Control Technology Co.,ltd. &  Foshan ENOU Elcetrical Co.,ltd.
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                  1.      Astechnic Electric
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                    Foshan YINUO Company is a professional scientific and technical corporation engaged in research, develop and production of combustion control equipments (energy-saving burner nozzle, pressure reducing valve, actuator, igniter, proportional valve, linear valve and pulse controller, etc), design, installation and debugging of furnace combustion system and industrial automatized control system and system integration, with Foshan YINUO Combustion Control Technology Co., Ltd and Foshan YINUO Electric Co., Ltd subsidiary to it.

                    Since established, the company has kept improving the domestic safety, energy saving and environmental combustion control technology as its own duty. We keep learning and keep innovating on the base of absorption of the most advanced theory of combustion control system and the supporting technologies around the world, and we have developed a series of combustion control systems and relevant products applicable for our own at home. We can provide the most competitive configuration and solution in accordance with the requirements of the customers, to provide one-package pre-sales and customer service safely, stably and reliably.

                    The company wholesales the imported brand combustion equipments of KROM (Germany), HONEYWELL (USA) and BRAHMA (Italy). We can make bulk orders. The prices of many common models of us are more reasonable. And we provide spot goods supply for long. Furthermore, we sell the domestic made combustion products to all over the world and our customers are from Egypt, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ecuador, Iran, etc. You are welcome to call us for inquiry.

                    For years, our reliable products and our warm service won the wide recognition of the market. We will insist on our concept and cherish each chance you give.

                    It is duty of everyone to save energy and protect environment.


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                    Sales: +86-757-83996096, 83359885, 83353956      Fax: +86-757-83032196
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